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If you are having Freeadboards Posting Issues

Solution Hello

If you are trying to post your free ads on the freeadboards website and you are received a message you have reached your limit and it has been more than 1 day you need to do this:

Delete the cookie that is on your computer called:

Depending on the type of browser you are using will determine how you delete this cookie that is preventing you from posting..

Google how to delete cookies on the type of browser you are using. Google will explain on how to do this. When you find the cookie called just delete it and then try posting again to the adboard.

This should solve the issue..

Some browsers use cookies in different ways and most time members have no problem trying to post but occasionally there is a problem in how a particular browser interprets these cookies.

Please follow the above instructions. There is nothing we can do to help you do this since it is a issue on your computer browser you are using..
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