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Please read before submitting ticket for help!
When submitting a ticket please know we own a lot of properties and do not automatically know who you are or what program you are referring to.. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR 1. USER NAME. 2. THE URL T...
Gmail that this Email may be Phishing
If you are receiving a Warning from Gmail that this Email may be Phishing. Here is what to do: Open any emails from any of My Sites and at the top of the Email on the Right Side you will see th...
Safelistsubmitters Credit Links Program
Hi Everyone, The Safelistsubmitters Links Program is Free to join and is a traffic exchange.. To get solo ads with credit links in the bottom of every solo ad email you must first join the solo ...
If You Have Not Received Your Solo Code
Please contact us and submit a ticket. It is rare that the solo codes have not been emailed to your payment email account, but it does happen at times. Please look in your spam folder if you haven...
If you are having Freeadboards Posting Issues
Hello If you are trying to post your free ads on the freeadboards website and you are received a message you have reached your limit and it has been more than 1 day you need to do this: Delete t...

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