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- We invented the Multi-Network Solo Submitter in 2003
and since then have sent millions of ads for some of the biggest online sites in the world!

Many companies are now history. Things change fast in this Niche.

Why are we different from other ad sites that send emails?

We are different because we have a unique, multi Network submitter that not only sends email ads to our members email accounts like all the rest, but We also send your offers to different types of sites, that I will call Classified Sites that are much different than Ad Exchanges and Safelists, etc.

Your ads remain longer and are seen more times daily than email ads!
Email ads are looked at by members for subject line interest and then ignored or acted upon.

Safelists are great and have their place for sure, but there are downsides to them as well..

A lot of members have full mail boxes because they receive 1000's of emails a day or they bounce mail because they won't clean out their inboxes. When they do, they also trash everyone's Safelist emails and there goes yours too down the drain ..

These full mail boxes send bounces back to the server and are spotted quickly and their accounts are placed in vacation mode by the Safelist owners.
These accounts aren't even sent to any longer, but still remain as a total of members sent to in some cases~ ( a little secret no one likes to talk about )

Wouldn't You just love to get a few thousand emails a day in your inbox? Maybe you do and you know exactly what I am talking about!

There are many reasons why email ads are sometimes not very effective.
And don't even get me started on Spam filters!

  • We post every persons ads on free ad sites as well as Safelists and Ad Exchanges as We want to cover all the bases!
  • We have sites where ads remain for days called Free Ad Sites with many members on them!
  • We also turn your solo ad's subject line with URL attached and run it as a text ad on our network that all our sites show.

Sometimes even all this doesn't result in sales! Why?

Because as an advertiser, You have to be sending ads daily to get any results. Every day!
I see people try an ad or two and never make a sale and quit. They were told it would be easy!

I myself work about 16-18 hours a day and have for the last 24 years.
No matter which Guru tells you it's easy and you can sit back on the beach and reap whirl winds of money, it isnt true.
And if you want to make sales it WILL cost you money to get there!

Don't fall for this stuff it's easy.. It isn't true and too many fall for it..

In conclusion:
When we send out your solo ad it is sent in minutes to all of our participating sites quickly.
We have a mail queue and sometimes ads are backed up but We do our best to get them out quickly!

As we add new sites to our Network,
We send to those sites also to give you the best chance at making sales or gaining new customer's to your offer!

Some times Free ad sites are your best friend! That is a fact. Never under estimate Free!

My motto has always been:

"It doesn't Cost to advertise - it Pays to advertise"

Repetitive Ads Make Sales! Period!

We've been here almost 25 years.

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We also send traffic to other sites that we have agreements with!
And there is No need to join any lists or ad exchanges to advertise with us!
Your email does not get Bombarded with emails!

See Jeff Aman's site at The Click Engine

Wes was around the online advertising space before I was and his sites were some of the 1st sites I ever used to get traffic and signups.
So if you want advertising from a trusted source, Wes should be one of your 1st choices.

I'm always happy to work with him and have always gotten results! The bottom line, is you can't go wrong buying whatever he's offering.

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