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Setting Up Gmail Accounts

Solution Hello Everyone,

Due to some changes Gmail is making a lot of Emails from my Text Ad
Exchanges and Safelists may show up in your Gmail Spam Folder. I
am seeing the same thing happening with a lot of sites I belong to.

Below you will find important information, so that you can have ALL
emails directed to your Inbox or another Option is for you to create
a separate Folder/Label to send all Emails from my Text Ad Exchanges
and Safelists I have also put below you will need to do first.

Another Option besides directing all Emails to your Inbox, that I have
included is you can also create a Label or Folder as I call it for ALL
Emails you receive from my Sites.

The Advantage will be that it will make it easier for you to see all
Emails from my Text Ad Exchanges and Safelists all in one Folder. Wont
need to look for all of them in your Inbox. Once you have it created
just click on the Label and you will find all Emails from my Sites
there from now on, once you have made the changes outlined in this

One note about creating the Label, your still going to see Emails in
both your Inbox and the Label or Folder as I call it. Does not allow
an option to prevent this from happening. If anyone knows, then please
let me know.

Creating Label or Folder as I call it in your Gmail Account:

Step 1: Click on Labels from the Drop Down Box at the Top of the Screen and Click on Manage Labels.

Step 2: Sroll down the page, and you will see where it says:
"Create a new label" Enter a name, such as Safelists or whatever you want to call it. I call mine safelists.

You will now see the Folder/Label as Gmail calls it on the Left Hand
Column listed, which is where all Emails will show up from my sites.

Directing Emails to your Inbox or Label:

Step 1: Go to Spam Folder and find every site of Mine that is in the
Spam Folder and Click on the Check Box for every site of mine you find
in the Spam Folder. Only need to click on one of them for each site and not ALL of them.

Step 2: You will see a row of boxes across the top of Screen. Click on
the More Actions Drop Down Box and Click on:
"Filter More Messages Like These"

Step 3: You will now see: in the From Field. Change
this to for every one you have in the From Field. If you
have selected a # of sites, then you will see all of them in in this
field and for everyone you see, change them to If you leave it as bounce@ , I have found that Emails can still show up in your Spam Folder.

Step 4: Click on Next Step>>

Step 5: You will now have a # of Options on the Screen. Click on the
Never send it to Spam Box and the Box that says: Also apply filter to
#### conversations below.

You will see a very SMALL Message appear that will say:
Note: filter will not be applied to old conversations in Spam or Trash

The above just means as it says. Will just put all NEW Emails that are
delivered into your Inbox now. Any Older ones you would have to move
Manually, by clicking on each one and clicking on Not Spam.

If you had Previously Created a LABEL per my Instructions, you will also need to Click on: Apply the Label, and choose the Label you had Created by clicking on the Drop Down Box for Labels, and select the one you had created. That way all Emails will be sent to the Label you had created.

If your a Member of any of my Safelists, then you will need to do this in both your Contact Email and List Email Address.

Thats it. I have done this in my Gmail Accounts that deliver from my Sites, so I know it works.
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